The Lake Loop

If you live, or have lived, in Madison, WI and you ride bikes you have ridden the Monona Lake Loop. It is a designated cycling route (marked with actual signs) that takes you on streets in lakeside neighborhoods and on paved bike paths all along Lake Monona. It is a little over 13 miles, with plenty of great stops and scenic views along the way. Last Thursday, for our weekly shop ride, we slowly meandered around the lake and it was one of my favorite rides to date!  

Amber Krueger
A Quick Campout to Kick-Off the Season: What The Heck Is A Sub-24?

It finally feels like spring, and after a winter of sticking close to home and mostly riding around town, spring means it’s time for bike camping! Like a lot of folks, I’m pretty busy, especially working in a bike shop in the spring, and it’s hard to string together two or three days with no commitments so I can take off on even a weekend tour. As a result, I’ve become really fond of what Rivendell’s Grant Petersen refers to as “S24Os” or “Sub-24-Hour Overnights,” which we at Rev tend to shorten even further to “Sub-24s.”

Amber Krueger
Ride Hangout Ride Camp Ride Home

Pack it up, grab some friends and roll out! There’s something magical about a sub 24 (under 24 hours) bike camping trip. It takes just as long to make a list, check it a thousand times and talk to everybody about the stuff they’re taking, need, don’t need, wish they had, wish you had etc. etc., packing up the bike, making sure it’s secure and stable and checking your list again than it does to actually ride, camp and ride back! So what’s the point? Why put so much energy into such a short ride? Because it’s. A. Blast.

Tera Madigan
Calling all women mountain bikers!

Bell Joy Ride – Madison kicked off the spring riding season last weekend! Since the week before brought some typical Wisconsin weather the trails were drying out and even the gravel was unrideable. So we took to the extensive paved bike paths around the city and road a scenic 20 mile loop around Madison’s west-side. The ride was a NO DROP, casual paced social ride, starting and ending on the capital square.