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We love being able to educate our customers about their bicycles. Bicycle repair is a skill anyone can learn if they are interested. We offer a variety of classes during the fall and winter (October - March) to help you become acquainted with your ride and learn a few specialized skills to service it. 

We will post our 2017 class schedule in September.


Roadside Repair: $50

In one two-hour class we will cover how to fix a flat and a few basic repairs you should learn before you head out on a long ride, the trails, or your daily commute.

Comprehensive Repair: $175

In 4 two-hour classes we cover how to fix a flat, bicycle “anatomy”, and the three basic bicycle properties: shifting, braking, and bearing surfaces. We touch on wheel truing, roadside repairs, and seasonal and preventative maintenance.

Wheel building: Upon Request

On an individual basis we can teach you how to build a wheelset and tailor the classes to fit your interests.

One-on-One: Upon Request

On an individual basis we can tailor classes to fit your needs and interests.